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This week in Pre-School 12.6.23

Good morning.

We hope you had a lovely half term break. It was lovely to hear about some of the children's holiday fun at the end of last week. We are looking forward to welcoming all of the children back this week. Please do add an observation if your child would like to share their holiday news with their friends.

This week we will be learning all about summer in a week long mini-topic. We will be talking about the changes that can be noticed in the summer such as lighter evenings and we will compare activities you can do in the summer with those you can only do in the winter. We will discuss ways we can keep ourselves safe in the sun as well as ways animals may keep themselves safe too. We will also talk about summer holidays we may remember or are looking forward to as well as water safety. Our environment will be enhanced with sensory ice-cream themed playdough, sunshine cutting activities, a beach themed tuff tray and sand castle building. In phonics this week we will be focussing on rhythm and rhyme. We will practise breaking words into syllables and will have a go at continuing a rhyming string. Being able to hear and identify words that rhyme is an important skill and a building block towards you child learning to read and write. There are lots of fun ways you can help your child to identify rhyming words at home through silly sentence building. For example ask your child if they can complete sentences such as 'The cat sat on the...' 'The frog jumped onto a...' Those that are ready will also join in a beach themed CVC picture search activity this week, through which they will practise their blending skills.

In Maths this week we will be exploring number. We will be encouraging the children to subitise numbers up to 5 if they can. (To recognise amounts without having to count each object) Playing games with dice is a really nice way to practise this skill. Children love to see how quickly they can call out the amount on the dice. We will play lots of games at Pre-School to support this skill.

In Makaton we will learn some signs related to our summer topic. Please find a link below if you would like to practise at home. We will also learn the song, "The sun has got his hat on" using Makaton.

Please do not forget to send in suncream and hats this week as it’s going to be very hot!

Have a lovely week.

The Pre-School Team 😊

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