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This week in Pre-School 15.5.23

Good Morning,

We hope you enjoyed the lovely sunshine this weekend. It definitely felt like summer was on its way! Hopefully the weather is going to remain warm. Please can you send your child in with a named sun hat every day and put sun cream on your child before they come to Pre-School. If you would like us to apply sun cream after lunch, please send your child in with a named sun cream in a sandwich bag or similar. Please do let us know in the morning if they have sun cream in their bag. Please can we also ask that you check that jumpers and cardigans are named as the children are beginning to get warmer at Pre-School and are taking their jumpers off more frequently.

We will be continuing with our mini topic, Occupations this week. The children really loved sharing and hearing about the different jobs that you all do. If you would still like to send in a photo with your job or a family member's job please do so and we will share them throughout the week. The children also enjoyed visits from Tabitha, Mr Nelson-Smith and Miss Smoothy throughout the week where they were able to learn about their roles in school. Over the week, we have seen lots of occupation role play with bakers, mechanics, shop keepers just to name a few. I am sure the children will continue to enjoy exploring this imaginative play this week. We plan on creating a pretend fire this week so that the children can become fire fighters!

In phonics this week we will be exploring body percussion. We will sing songs such as, Roly Poly and If You're Happy and You Know It and will play games such as follow my leader where we will encourage the children to create 3 different sounds using different parts of their body.

In Maths this week, we will explore weight. This goes wonderfully with our bakers role play where the children can begin to discuss which item is heavier or lighter. We will be encouraging the children to explore balancing scales as well as inviting them to play games which will develop their mathematical vocabulary and their understanding. An example that can easily be played at home is choosing an object and asking the children to find something heavier and lighter than that object.

In Makaton the children have really been enjoying learning number songs over the last couple of weeks including 5 little firemen. They are becoming really confident in signing and singing at the same time and keep their eyes on the adults to make sure they do not miss any signs. We will continue to sing these this week as well as also learning some Makaton signs related to our maths focus of weight.

As always, thank you for all your support.

The Pre-School Team

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