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This week in Pre-School 22.5.23

Good morning,

We hope you enjoyed yet another sunny weekend! The warm and sunny weather looks to continue throughout this week so please do remember to keep sending in sun hats and sun cream. Fingers crossed the weather doesn't change next week for half term!

Saturday was World Bee Day and to celebrate we will be learning all about bees this week! With summer approaching we thought this would be a great opportunity to teach the children about the important role bees play and to help them learn how to behave if a bee or wasp shows an interest in their picnic! We will be reading non-fiction texts and will begin to introduce the vocabulary, contents, information, fact, non-fiction and index. Our environment will be enhanced with bee painting, playdough bees and bee headbands. We will also be tasting honey during snack time. Below is a link to some information and videos about bees if you would like to share in your child's learning at home too.

In Phonics this week we will continue to explore body percussion activities. We will use body percussion picture cards to play games involving a sequence of body percussion sounds and will also be talking about the volume of sounds we make in different environments such as libraries, shops and play parks. Rising 5 children continue to also practise blending and segmenting through games such as Simon Says and cross the river where an adult breaks a word into sounds for the children to blend and identify. For example, "Simon says touch your h-ea-d".

In Maths this week we will be looking at numbers 1-5. The younger children will be focusing on number songs and counting. We will begin to practise counting objects using 1:1 correspondence. The rising fives will also be singing lots of songs and extending their knowledge and understanding of problem solving involving matching numerals with amounts, ordering numbers, discussing amounts using the vocabulary more, less and fewer as well as beginning to look at putting two small amounts together practically and finding the total. This is a great age to introduce your child to using her fingers to figure out math problems. Start with verbal addition problems of two numbers, both under five. For example, say: "If you had two apples and you added two more, how many would you have all together?" Then model using fingers and objects to figure out the answer.

We will be learning some songs about bees this week and will also continue to practise the poem, Mrs Bluebird. Each week children practise a 4 line poem in Pre-School which is accompanied with actions. These poems come from The Poetry Basket which is an online resource which uses poetry to enhance children's communication and language development.

As always, please ask if you have any questions or queries. We are always happy to talk to you.

Have a lovely week.

The Pre-School Team

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