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This week in Pre-School 24.4.23

Good morning,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend ☺️

In Reading this week, we will continue to focus on the book, The Pirates Next Door and will also read some linked texts such as Ten Little Pirates and The Singing Mermaid. The children have enjoyed listening to our focus story this week and have been able to remember different parts of the story. They particularly liked the part where the pirates buried treasure in their neighbour's gardens! This week, we will sequence the story together in groups using visual prompts. In our provision we will continue to provide invitations to play linked to the sea and pirates. Please note there is information at the bottom of this memo regarding a whole school pirate day.

The children have been enjoying learning some songs about pirates this week and we will continue to do so next week. Please follow the below if you would like to sing along with your child at home.

In Phonics this week we will continue to focus on sound discrimination of environmental sounds and will be talking about how the different sounds we hear may make us feel. For example, the sound of a door bell may make us feel excited and the sound of thunder may be frightening. We will listen to clips of different environmental sounds and will discuss if we like or dislike the sound and why. Below is a link to an example of a listening clip that we will share with children during phonics this week if you would like to help support your child's learning at home too.

This week in maths we will be focussing on shapes, in particular circles and spheres. We will play games such as 'Guess my shape' by describing shapes by their properties using simple mathematical language. We will look at shapes and think about how the circle is different to other shapes. We will also be using 2D shapes and 3D shapes to draw and create pictures as well as using them to construct buildings as we talk about the shapes we are using and why we are using them. We would love to see any constructions the children create at home so please do pop a photo on Tapestry for the children to share on the big screen if they wish too.

As the weather turns hotter, please send your child into Pre-School with a named sun hat and sun cream applied. If you would like us to reapply your child's sun cream at lunch time, please put it in a named sandwich bag and place it in the red reading bag box outside. We we will then reapply your child's sun cream after lunch.

Upcoming events in school: Pirate Weekend – To celebrate Brixham Pirate Festival, we will be having a non-uniform day on Friday 28th April – with a pirate theme dress code! This can be anything from a full costume, to a pirate hat, stripy top or eye patch.

Coffee Morning Introduction – we would like to introduce coffee mornings to Brixham C of E. These will provide an informal opportunity for families to work closely with the school and find out more information. To start, they will take place half-termly and will have a specific theme which may be of interest to parents/carers. The first coffee morning will have a theme of SEND. All families are welcome but the main conversations will be around SEND. Parents with a child with SEND or parents wanting to find out more about SEND may find this particularly useful. It will be a 45 minute session where you can grab a coffee and the SENDCo will be available to talk to and you can talk to other parents too. The first coffee morning will be on the 2.5.23 from 9 - 9.45am.

Coronation Celebration – Celebrations will take place on the 5th of May from 2-3pm More information to follow.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Pre-School Team

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