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This week in Pre-School 26.6.23

Good morning,

What another lovely sunny weekend! We want to say a huge well done to the children who ran the sprint races in Sports Day last week. We were so impressed with the children’s confidence to run in front of everyone. Our younger children will get this opportunity next year however they did enjoy ice poles after Sports Day with the other children. These next few weeks are rather busy so please do check the dates to remember at the bottom of this memo.

This week in Pre-School, we will continue to explore the theme of Leadership through our focus story, Franklin Wants a Pet. The children are really loving sharing their pet pictures so thank you for sending them in. Last week, the children told us ways they help take care of pets in their families and they were also very excited to meet Mrs Thatcher's pet tortoise, Cooper! This week, we will see how much of the story the children can remember through sequencing activities and questions such as, ‘How does Franklin show his parents he is responsible enough for a pet?’ This week, we will also continue to create our own representation of a dog or cat using a paper plate, paint and other craft materials.

In Phonics this week, we will be focussing on alliteration. We will think of alliterative names for pets shown on the big screen such as ‘Dave Dog’ and ‘Polly Parrot’ and will also play sound pass the parcel with objects that begin with the same initial sound.

In Maths this week, we will exploring patterns. We will start off my looking at ABAB patterns and will then extend this to ABCABC patterns when the children are ready. We will use our bodies to create patterns, for example one clap, one stomp and then repeat this and will also make patterns using resources in Pre-School and interactive games. We would love to see any patterns that your child creates or notices at home so please do add photos to Tapestry for us to share.

Transition Over the next few weeks, Miss Smoothy will be coming into Pre-School a few afternoons a week to read a story to our rising 5 children. In the last couple of weeks of term, the children will then go into Reception at the end of the day to join the Reception class for a story. Please also look out for information sent from the school office regarding transition mornings on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th July.

Dates to remember Thursday 29th - Animal HQ in school Wednesday 19th July - Graduation Ceremony for those going to Reception in September Tuesday 25th July - last day of term

As always, thank you for your continued support.

We hope you have a lovely week.

The Pre-School Team :)

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