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This Week in Pre-School 27.2.23

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Good morning,

We hope you enjoyed the weekend. It has been nice to see some sunshine this weekend although it has still felt very chilly!

This week we will continue to read, The Little Red Hen. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and are beginning to discuss and explore the themes around expressing yourself and speaking honestly about how you are feeling. Last week, the children recognised that The Little Red Hen felt sad when her friends refused to help her and told us that they would've helped if they had been asked to.

This week, we will be sequencing the story and encouraging the children to tell the story themselves using visual prompts. Our environment will continue to be enhanced with Little Red Hen themed invitations to play and we also hope to make our own bread this week which the children will bring home to enjoy.

In Phonics this week we will continue to explore rhythm and rhyme. We will be reading rhyming books and singing nursery rhymes, encouraging the children to identify rhyming pairs. We will also play games that encourage the children to identify a missing rhyming word or continue a rhyming string. There are lots of fun ways you can try this at home with your child over the dinner table or when driving in the car. Give your child clues and support them to identify missing rhyming words, for example, "This animal rhymes with hat, it sleeps on a mat, it's a... " or "This animal rhymes with big, it's pink and greedy, it's a..." Starting a rhyming string game around the table is also fun and easy way to help develop your child's ability to hear and differentiate sounds. CVC words such as cat, dog and van are good words to start off rhyming strings.

In Maths this week we will explore the number 5. We will be looking at how to form the numeral as well as exploring what 5 looks like as an amount using objects such as 5 cars, 5 bricks, 5 chairs etc. We will show and discuss with the children how 5 can be set out in different ways and be encouraging the children to make their own patterns of 5 with objects and through mark making with paint, pencils, chalk and pens.

In Makaton this week, we will continue to learn animals connected to our focus book. We will practise signing them and extend this over the next couple weeks to learn phrases from the story, The little Red Hen. Please follow the link below to a signed version of The Little Red Hen told by Mr Tumble.

We're looking forward to another fun week!

The Pre-School Team

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