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This week in Pre-School 3.7.23

Good morning,

Last week we enjoyed our visit from Animal HQ and we are so proud of all the children for how they behaved during the visit. 🥰

This week will be our last week on our focus story, Franklin Wants a Pet. The children have engaged so well with this story and have enjoyed discussing the main events and sequence as well as talking about their own pets. We hope you liked the paper plate cats and dogs the children brought home last week. This week we will be creating our own pebble pets using paints and pens. Our making area will also be set up with resources that the children can use to create a home for their pebble pet if they wish to.

In phonics this week we will continue to explore alliteration. We will play games with objects that start with the same initial sound and will have a go at learning some tongue twisters too! Alongside this, children going to Reception in September also explore blending and segmenting activities weekly in Pre-School. Lots of the children are able to blend and segment CVC words now which is amazing and this is a very important step in your child’s journey to reading. If your child is still learning to blend and segment, there are some links below to games that may help them learn over the summer. If given an option, please select ‘Phase 2’. These games encourage children to hear and blend each of the sounds within CVC words.

In Maths this week we will be learning about routes. We will be practise using language to describe routes and will also use pictures and practical activities in Pre-School. We will go on walks around the school and will describe our routes when we get back to Pre-School. You can support this by talking to your child about your regular journeys, describing landmarks that you see on the way and which way you turn at cross roads etc. If you and your child walk to Pre-School together, this would be a great opportunity to explore this learning.

Transition Over the next few weeks Miss Smoothy will be coming into Pre-School a few afternoons a week to read a story to the children. In the last couple of weeks of term, the older children will go into Reception at the end of the day to join the Reception class for a story. Children have been invited to a ‘stay and play’ hour in Reception on either Monday 10th or Tuesday 11th. Please check your emails for this information. If your child attends Pre-School on the day they have been invited, we will send them through for their hour and collect them again afterwards.

Dates to remember Wednesday 19th July - Graduation Ceremony for those going to Reception in September Tuesday 25th July - last day of term

We hope you have a lovely week. The Pre-School Team 😊

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