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This week in Pre-School 6.3.23

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Hello all!

This week will be our last week on our focus book, The Little Red Hen. We have been really impressed with how enthusiastic the children have been about this story and have been delighted to hear that many of the children have been retelling the story at home too. This week we will encourage the children to retell the story to create a story map. We will support the children in using their growing phonic knowledge to write initial sounds in words to label the map as well as write key phrases such as "Not I". The children have enjoyed learning Makaton for the story and we will continue to practise telling the story using Makaton this week. We wonder it they will remember any signs to show you later this week?!

In phonics this week we will be focussing on alliteration. We will be making up silly alliterative sentences and playing lots of initial sound games where the children will need to sort objects according to their initial sound. Below is a link to an initial sound game your child may enjoy playing at home. 'I Spy' is another great game to encourage your child to identify initial sounds. This game can be simplified by placing a selection of objects in front of your child to play 'I Spy' with. Narrowing the choice of objects will help them to identify the object with the given initial sound.

In Maths this week we will be exploring positional language. The children will learn to explain where they are or an object is in relation to something else. For example, ‘The bear is on the chair’ or ‘The bear is under the chair." One way to do this is to use a toy and a box and move the toy around the box talking about where the toy is. It is also fun for the children to position themselves in different places for us to talk about where they are.

We hope the children enjoy all the activities planned this week and can't wait to see where their interests take us too.

The Pre-School Team 😊

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