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This week in Preschool 28.11.22

Good morning,

We hope you all had lovely weekends. We are beginning to feel very festive and can’t believe that December is nearly here!

This week we will begin our new focus story, ‘Dear Santa’. We will try to predict what each present is before lifting the flaps and will discuss Santa's choices, descriptions and reasoning. Alongside this story, we will start to enhance our environment with festive activities including, making paper chains, letter writing to Santa, wrapping and unwrapping presents, decorating the room and creating a festive role play area.

For our Makaton learning this week we will start to learn some of the signs to go with our focus book. Please follow this link if you would like to help your child learn these signs at home.

In Phonics this week we will be focussing on voice sounds. We will play games such as ‘Metal Mike’, during which the children will listen to Mike the robot break CVC words into sounds such as c-a-t for them to blend back together. We will also experiment with sounds we can make with our voices and play games such as ‘Whose voice’, where the children will need to guess which one of their friends called out a funny phrase such as, ‘fish and chips!’

In Maths this week we will explore squares. We will compare what squares look like in relation to other shapes, begin to discuss their properties and have a go at drawing squares. If your child shares their learning with you at home or spots any squares out and about, please send us as Tapestry observation so we talk about their learning in Preschool too.

In RE this week, we would love for the children to be able to share a person/character who inspires them. This is a tricky concept for children this age to understand, and we need your help in encouraging the children to recognise who they look up to. We would really appreciate it if you could add an observation with a photograph of someone you believe your child looks up to. This may be their older sister, uncle, a famous footballer or even Spider-Man! It can be anyone at all that you believe your child is inspired to be like. We can then use these photos to guide discussions with the children about who inspires them and why.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do remember you can talk to any of us in the morning or at pick up or alternatively you can always send us a memo on Tapestry. We are always happy to help.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Preschool Team 🙂

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