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This week in Preschool 7.11.22

Good morning,

We hope you all had fantastic weekends and that you enjoyed bonfire night.

This week, we will continue to read our focus story, The Enormous Turnip. The children are really enjoying this story and are now able to join in with repeated phrases and actions. This week, reading activities will involve story acting and retelling the story using puppets. The children are beginning to join in discussions and share their ideas about how the farmer leads the other characters in the story so he can achieve his goal.

In phonics this week, we will continue to focus on rhythm and rhyme. You can support your child’s learning at home by encouraging them to clap the syllables in words as well as reading rhyming stories. When reading familiar rhyming stories, pause and encourage your child to fill in the missing rhyming word before then repeating the 2 rhyming words for your child to listen to and repeat back to you. Julia Donaldson books are engaging examples of rhyming stories that your child may be familiar with. Below is a link to an interactive rhyming game that your child may also like to play at home.

In Maths this week, we will be exploring the number 5. The children really enjoyed rolling a dice and collecting the right amount of toys last week. We will continue to explore number 5 in the same way with lots of practical activities and games.

In RE this week, we will be reading the story of Zacchaeus and will be thinking about how we can inspire others by showing integrity. We will be talking to the children about ways they can show integrity such as by continuing to tidy up even when an adult is not watching, accepting responsibility for any wrongdoing and apologising for the effect our behaviour may have on others.

Don’t forget that Parents Meetings are on Monday and Wednesday this week for those that have booked one.

Thank you for your continued support. Please remember that we are always happy to chat to you about your child.

The Preschool Team

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